Friday, October 15, 2010

About Smo

Smo (Speed, Special, Smart, Social, Style… Super Memo App)

Smo is easy to use application for any i-Phone user to write a memo and send through e-mail and social network services quickly and safely.

A Memo is good habit. A memo is different from a note. Most distinguished characteristic of memo comes from quick-writing and easy to access. The Smo is a perfect application that puts its characteristic into your i-Phone.

Experience the Smo for quick-writing, sharing and easy to access to communication through world of Smart phone.

Major Functions

Writing Mode
Quick-Writing (As soon as you executing the application)
Posting Social Network Services (Easy to access with your SNS)
Attaching images (from your album)
e-Mail Service
Address entering service (interlocking with GoogleMap)
Phone number entering service (interlocking with calling Service)
URL entering service (interlocking with a blowser)
Keybord control service
Cut, Copy, Paste function and service

Management Mode

Managing memo list service
Memo back-up/restore service
Disable function setting service
Managing SNS account service
Easy and clear interface
Incons fro more easy to use interface
Fingertip operating service – Turning pages, new memo writing
Vertical/Horizontal writing mode

How to use Smo?

1. Learn the basics of using Smo

  * If you run Smo can see the following screen.

                               Vertical Screen                                               Horizontal screen

A description of each button. 

2. Use Swype 

   swype wipe the screen with your finger that says pay. 
   Smo gesture of both the total support. 
 From left to right when using a list of articles that are 
 In this case, the latest in a list of articles will be taken, 
 if no longer writing the latest update is running and 

 Moving from left to right, the current list of posts will 
 move to the previous list in the order.
 Go to the previous list, then if there is no previous list is 
 not to move.

 3. Program Setting 

Smo in the first screen, click the Settings button at the top first enters the function buttons on the screen using the items listed can be set.Each item shown in the picture ON / OFF switch.
Of course, if the first run is all to ON.
If the switch is ON, the menu button is activated, the function of each button can be used.Do not want to use the feature set of the button when OFF button is disabled, will not be available.

In the case of Twitter and Facebook to set up an account can be used to 
obtain certification.
If you do not have an account on Twitter and Facebook account at home and 
then set the item that generated the need to activate in the will. 

The following tips on how to use each feature can be found easily.

 4. Send to email

 Write a note to send e-mail.
(1) Press the button on the top Email Email window.
(2) the person or e-mail address to send mail to.
(3) Enter a title. It is possible to modify the mail content.
(4) If you have to write it by clicking the Send button to send mail.
     If mail is successfully sent "mail sent successfully" window will show 
     the mail success.

Email If you cancel you asking whether the temporary store, choose whether to 
temporarily store the messages he say write a note if you push the button to 
return to the screen.

5. Post to Twitter

  * Setting up a Twitter account

 To post to twitter requires twitter account.Once you have created a twitter 
     account settings page to enter items on twitter.
     First show / hide items in the Settings button is ON, and access information, 
     press OK.
Twitter must obtain a PIN number.
First, get your PIN number to log in by clicking the Twitter page.
Upon successful login, you will get your PIN number.     Press the back 
     button to automatically insert your PIN number will be.     PIN number, 
     click the Save button if you're unable to access Twitter account Logout 
     button to set the status is successful.
     To press the back button to exit the settings window. 

 * Post to Twitter

      Written notes and then go to preferences window, click the button on Twitter.
The number of characters is limited to 140 characters on Twitter. If you have 

      two or more notes in a memo that some may be cropped. 

      Be careful.

OK fellow at the top of 140 and click the send button.
Twitter transfer successful message appears, is a successful transfer.

However, Twitter does not register in the same post multiple times.

6. Add post to Facebook 

  * Setting up a Facebook account
   To post to facebook requires facebook account.
     Once you have created a facebook account settings page to enter items 
     on facebook.
First show / hide items in the Settings button is ON, and access information, 

     press OK.
Connection Information window, Facebook's user ID and password, and 

     then press the Connect button when you log in via facebook certification 
     courses will receive certification.
     Logout successful authentication, the button will change.

   * Post to Facebook

     Setup window and then wrote a note to go out to facebook, click the button.
     Facebook does not limit the number of characters.
Press Message Registration is complete and successful transfer window 
     will appear.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter Are you registered to register the same post 
     multiple times increasing the hasilttae Please note!

7. To attach a note to the photo

     Write notes and pictures if you register at the top of the camera button to 
     open the folder, click the button. (In landscape mode, the button is visible.)
     Pop-up window appears, select the camera to choose a photo album, pop-up
     window will appear asking if you want.
     If you click on the camera enters the shooting mode, just after the photo shoot 
     and then scaled using the button press will have a note attached to the limbs.
     If you click on a photo album you would like the camera roll and select a 
     photo attachment, size, after adjustment, if you click on the attachment will
     be used.

A total of 6 sheets of photos can be stored.
If you click the Cancel button during shooting to be back with a note was 


8. Convenient features Glance

  * Enter to phone number

     Pop-up Menu bar, type the phone number press the button on the phone icon 
     on the desktop as the generation is replaced with a numeric keypad.
     After entering your phone number Enter key (or breaks the key) you enter 
     phone numbers will be completed.

Enter phone number memory and press the Save button to activate the phone 

     number, and if you touch it to call a popup window will appear asking 
     if you want.

 *  Enter to address

     Menu bar, type in the address, press the button pop-up house-shaped icon 
     on the desktop  can be created as you enter the address.
     Enter the address press enter (or breaks the key) you are finished entering 
     the address.

Address comments on the Save button and then press Enter to activate 

     the address is just that touch you.

     Address pins on the map is displayed.

  * Enter to URL 

     Pop-up Menu bar, type in the URL button on the monitor icon on your 
     desktop as you enter a URL can be created.
     Enter key after typing the URL (or breaks the key) and press the Enter 
     a URL will be completed.

Click the Save button after entering the URL note the URL is activated, 

     and if you touch it stopped with the Safari browser will be redirected to 
     the home page.

Smo is differences

What are the differences?

1. Speed

Smo is fast.

From the moment you run down the right note, you can go down.

Smo aepin with many features, but with a universal, just write a memo of 

the most important feature was thought to prioritize.

Run and write.

Smo memo that the most convenient is the first reason.

 2. Simple

Smo is simple.

Memos from the base of the run only once to call, map addresses,

web pages open,Email,Twitter, Facebook apps are universal as far as

I can run.

Ces to the complexity of many applications and see right If you've put on Smo.

Smo is making all-in-one.

In addition to all of this, with a note can be executed at the one touch.

3. Social

Smo to support the Social Network.

Using different applications have raised a memo please do visual inspection?

Please use Smo Twitter, Facebook is convenient that I can post a memo.

Memo that only one very important article on Social Network can post.

Leading Social Network! Smo will be created.

4. Style

Smo is a stylish.

If you drop the price reasonable design? Programs do not seem too?

You are still using the default Notepad Do you?

Smo was a UX professional designer, even one of the buttons have been

designed carefully.

A stylish stand out wherever you are Smo applications.

5. Small Charge

Smo is a small charge.

Expensive application to purchase a used one or two times a week, is not it?

How to understand all too difficult? For all of the works do not need?

Smo provide all the necessary functions, and $ 0.99

You do not need to think harder. Features necessary for an orderly.

Please change your idea of Smo.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Smo Support


Need Help?

Thank you for using Smo. 
Information while using this product, uncomfortable and curious, if you need support for your product category, please use the left.
FAQs, manuals and more information can be found.

General FAQ
  1. How do I contact the Smo for support?

    This blog uses the Smo for a variety of options to provide more information. 

    For more information about using the basic use of Smo category easier and faster if you use a manual can be used.

    Smo program also set the items inside can also be used to help.

    While you are using Smo you need help or feedback via email if you wish, you can receive customer support.

SNS Service

Through Twitter and Facebook for your own comments or complaints are received in real time.

Twitter     /  @smo_support 
Facebook  / Smo